Publication Success!

Wednesday 18th March 2015

Following a really successful training day that involved two actors performing a scenario based on an interaction between a resident and a carer, I wrote an article which is just about to be published in ' Research in Drama Educatin: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance' .  I have pasted the title and the abstract below.


Using a drama-based education programme to develop a ‘relational’ approach to care for those working with people living with dementia



The Argument explored in this paper is that a ‘system’ approach to care can have a potentially detrimental effect on, what is assumed here to be, the most important aspect of providing care and that is the relationship between the person that provides care and the person with dementia who is in receipt of care. A contrast between the medical model and a person-centred approach to providing care is discussed and the epistemological assumptions of the person-centred model are described and critiqued with reference to Levinas. The concept of the ‘non-intentional’ is introduced, based on the ideas of Levinas, and used to critique mainstream approaches to the delivery of care. Levinas’ work is used to provide the epistemological justification for what is described here as a ‘relational’ approach to care. Discussion explores the use of a drama-based educational programme to foster a relational approach amongst carers.

Smooth Run up to Christmas

Monday 15th December 2014


The preparations for Christmas have been progressing well and Sam has had a willing group to work with making Christmas decorations and baking a Christmas cake as well.  As you can see the jobs were shared around and apparently everyone enjoyed themselves. Debbie is clearly ready for Xmas!


Halloween Success

Wednesday 5th November 2014

Tickling the ivories

Monday 13th October 2014

Karen’s keep fit class was given a real boost when Joyce took to the piano to play some music to accompany the session.  She was just asked to play something and away she went with a wonderfully spontaneous piece of music.  Joyce has been used to playing concerts and her expertise and talent was clear to see. It was a real pleasure.

Our New Extension

Monday 25th February 2013

The construction of our new extension is almost complete and this will add an additional 10 bedrooms, all with fantasitic views of either the garden or across the adajcent field.  The new rooms will provide the opportunity for Eastfield to offer specialised Holiday and Respite care, with bookings being accepted months in advance.

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