Frequently Asked Questions
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We’re worried that my mother’s health will suffer if she doesn’t eat a healthy, balanced diet when we’re not with her. How will she manage in a residential care home?

A well planned, nutritious diet and a varied menu of delicious, home cooked food is one of the most important elements of care at Eastfield. Our chefs are flexible and knowledgeable and only prepare the finest food using good quality ingredients to give our residents and their families complete peace of mind concerning dietary requirements.

I’m faced with the dilemma of moving both my parents into a residential care home. Do you offer accommodation for couples?

Yes we do! We have 39 bedrooms at Eastfield, four of which are for couples to share. Contact us and we’ll be pleased to talk to you about availability.

My father needs to go into a nursing home, but he has dementia. Can you accommodate his special needs?

Yes we can. Our highly qualified staff are experienced in the care of elderly people with dementia. Please contact us so we can put your mind at rest and discuss availability.

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