'One year on - a time to reflect and look to the future'


In March we had the anniversary of the first Covid 19 lockdown and it seemed important to mark this in a way that captured the devastating losses that have been experienced across the world but also pay tribute to the efforts that people have made in response to the crisis. At Eastfield we have been lucky to have a group of staff that have worked so hard to make sure that the nursing home has run both safely and effectively and it seemed important that all these factors were acknowledged and remembered. So the idea of planting some trees emerged as an appropriate tribute, the flowers each year in spring providing a reminder of all the issues that have surrounded this pandemic but most importantly provide a focus on the future and recovery. So two Cherry trees have been planted in the front garden.
"A moment to reflect and look forward to better times ahead"
Mike had the willing help of Keith to plant the trees, so it was fitting that the combined efforts of staff and residents were involved in this tree planting. The hope is that we will be back to a more normal life in the very near future.


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